Water Bottle for Dog and Cat

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1. affiliated rope when used to adjust the length according to personal preferences.
2 when using unscrewed the cap and injected water, and then the lid tightly folded.
3 water to feed pets:
A. open seat cover
B. to open bottle cap
C. light by water bottle, so that the water flow into the seat cover
4 after the use of the bottle cap, to confirm that there is no leakage of water and a good folding kettle.


1. please do not inject boiling water, please do not put in a place where there is fire
2 .pet is dangerous eating part of the product, so when the water to feed pets please hand hold water supply device
3. this product is designed to prevent leakage, but if there is a strong impact or improper use, will produce leakage phenomenon,
 so when carrying the water injection nozzle upward.